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We offer 1:1 physiotherapy-based programmes for:

Musculoskeletal and sports injuries – helping you to recover and feel good again.

Surgical rehabilitation – guiding you through preparing for your operation, and the full recovery process thereafter.


We will ensure a detailed initial consultation, listening to your injury history, your personal goals and any specific concerns you have. Having an injury can be a challenging experience, and we are experienced at providing both the physical and the emotional support you need to empower you in your recovery.

Imaging for MSK complaints is not often necessary however Vita has referral access to private imaging through our close relationships with local providers, should this be required.

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The human body is designed to move. Modern life requires less and less physical movement and this creates adaptations in both our body and our brains. Over time, this can lead to discomfort, pain and injury. Optimum movement requires harmony between our joints, soft tissues and nervous system. We at Vita are here to help you maximise your movement potential, addressing the biology, neurology and psychology of movement – empowering you to take care of your body, which in turn will take care of you!


At your initial consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle and wellbeing, your current movement requirements, and your goals. We will then assess your movement and work with you to improve first the quality of your movements, followed by building your endurance and strength. 

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At Vita, we have extensive experience of working with High Performance Athletes. High Performance Athletes are often already utilising comprehensive strength training and cardiovascular fitness into their programmes. We are here to supplement your current training, working with your existing programme and weekly schedules.

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Recurrent discomfort – many athletes develop aches and pains throughout the competition cycle. Often, these discomforts can be abated by addressing motor control and stability training.

Recovery – utilising movement can assist with your post-competition recovery. Why not couple this with a Sports Massage? We have you covered!

Movement Efficiency – no two bodies are identical. Establishing optimal movement patterns for your own skeleton and sport will assist your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Home appointments are available. Please submit an enquiry through our contact form and we will be in touch to discuss how we can best support your needs. 

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Are you training for a physical event? Whether your goal is to obtain a qualifying time, achieve a Personal Best, or simply to cross the finish line, we can help you plan for your individual physical requirements, support your recovery, and provide maintenance treatments to help you reach your goal!


We can also provide group sessions, delivering movement-based injury prevention for sports teams/clubs, a worthy investment for any pre-season schedule!

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Regardless of whether you are seeking help with an injury or for movement coaching, you can expect a professional, caring and thorough service.

We will begin by having a detailed conversation about your history, goals and concerns before carrying out a comprehensive physical assessment. This may involve ‘hands on’ assessment on the treatment table, as well as demonstrating some movements.

We will need to be able to see how you move, so please bring shorts. The body is all connected, so even if you are seeking help for a lower limb issue, you may still be asked to remove your top – you may wish to bring a vest top with a racer back or spaghetti straps if you would feel more comfortable.


Any recommended treatment, whether for injuries or movement coaching, will be fully explained to you and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.


We ask you not to attend your appointment if you have had any of the following symptoms within the last 14 days:

Fever    |    Dry, persistent cough    |    Loss of sense of taste or smell

You will be asked to sign a COVID consent form to confirm you are asymptomatic and your temperature will be checked on arrival. Facemasks do not need to be worn whilst exercising in your session, but we kindly ask that face masks are worn at all other times unless you are exempt. The treatment room is ventilated and thoroughly cleaned between patients.